ImageThe mission of The Dance of Communication is to bring a little more peace to the world by offering:


  • Mediation
  • Facilitation of meetings and conversations
  • Coaching in conflict management
  • Workshops and classes



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My services are available for businesses, schools and universities, professional offices, non-profit organizations and churches, as well as for families, couples and friends. I also enjoy working with parents of adults sons and daughters. My practice is based on Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. www.cnvc.org

Founded on the commitment to hold everyone’s needs with care, Compassionate Communication offers practical tools that:

  • Manage reactivity
  • Increase collaboration
  • Cultivate connection
  • Facilitate empathy
  • Assure mutual empowerment

Compassionate Communication supports a practice of self-awareness which, in turn, furthers the practice of empathy promoting productive cooperation in organizations as well as in families.

The Dance of Communication brings attention to the moment to moment choice to speak and listen with care for everyone’s participation and well-being.

Sunset in oceanBefore today’s training, just thinking about saying “No” made my stomach churn.! Now I’m relieved to learn of the gift a “No”  may be for both myself and others. Excellent workshop. L.L.D. Ashland, OR