Classes are practical, dynamic and entertaining. Participants say they enjoy the sense of humor, tactful “no nonsense” talk and the fun of Selene’s teaching style. A safe container and the use of a variety of teaching tools provides for a comfortable learning experience.

One student said “I look forward to joining my friendly and compassionate classmates every week, regardless of how hectic my day may have been. Two hours disappear quickly as we learn new communication skills and practice expressing ourselves honestly and respectfully.”IMG_0202

Compassionate Communication Classes and Workshops

Foundation Skills- Clear, Calm and Confident

Experiential weekly classes introduce participants to speaking and listening using the 4 components of Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication. Emphasis is placed on the intention of Compassionate Communication, to focus on holding everyone’s needs with care while connecting with honesty and empathy.  A focus on self-awareness nurtures the ability to practice self-care in the midst of conflict.

The Next Step for advanced beginners- Clear, Calm and Courageous

Participants deepen understanding of the consciousness of Compassionate Communication, integrate the 4 components into natural, personal language, and practice using their skills in challenging situations.

Refresher classes

A chance to brush up on skills, engage with an empathy buddy and practice, practice, practice.

Roping in Reactivity

Accessing our connection to ourselves in each moment allows us to respond to triggers without reacting, as well as to be fully present to others. This workshop draws on more than 20 years of meditation experience, body-centered awareness practices, and the teachings of Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication.

Bridging the Gap: Practical Support for Parents of Adult Children

Often offered as a tele-class, parents gain understanding of factors that currently affect  families. They share empathically with each other. They receive support and suggestions of strategies for their individual situations.


Private Sessions

Customized sessions to meet a client’s needs to develop ways of changing patterns, prepare for up-coming conversations and receive empathy.

Mediation with individuals, couples and groups


“Our language is the reflection of ourselves.”

Cesar Chavez, United Farm Workers